30. Geburtstag

30th birthday gifts for men

Picking out gifts for men is hard enough once they outgrow Hot Wheels. You'd think milestone birthdays would make it easier to come up with an idea, but sometimes it just ends up compounding the problem. First consider the person you are buying for. What does he like? What does he dislike? Decide if you are going to try and rub in the fact that he's thirty and make him feel old or if you'll leave that to the rest of the world.

Beyond that, what does he enjoy? There are books themed on age thirty so if he likes to read, you could choose one of those. If he likes music, pick up an album that was hot the year he was born or one from his teenage years that he absolutely loved. You could personalize a mug with a 30th birthday quote and give it to him along with his favorite coffee and creamer.

Gift ideas for men