30. Geburtstag

30th birthday poems

A poem is a great way to celebrate a birthday. Whether you write it inside a birthday card or recite it as a toast at the birthday party, there's something here just for you.

Are you preparing to celebrate the 30th year of a special friend or loved one? Do you want to make the experience extra special by communicating how much you admire or love that person? Are you hardly the poet and need a little help constructing the perfect poem or phrase?

If you need help with a special birthday poem to celebrate the 30th birthday of a friend or family member, then use the guide below to get a little inspiration.

Modern poems for a 30th birthday

Use these creative poems and turn of phrases to pass along the perfect message on a special day!

Roses are a rosy red and violets are a shade of true blue.
I heard you are turning 30 today...is the news true?
You are so special, so kind and so wise.
Wishing you all the best and celebrating our loving ties!
2013 by Tim Seeger GmbH
You may be thirty but your hair isn't gray Still gravity often holds sway So when you get out of bed, You should stand on your head To keep all the wrinkles away.
I wrote this poem just for you It's not an expensive purse or shoes Instead it's just a little humor That I made to dispel the rumor That turning thirty makes you blue.
Happy Thirtieth Birthday to a guy who is so cool,
Take some time off, shoot a little pool.
Go to your favorite bar, order one on me,
Have the happiest birthday times three!
2013 by Tim Seeger GmbH
Your 30th year is one of excitement and cheer,
Make your day your own, sing, dance, drink a little beer.
Eat a good slice of cake and celebrate the unique you,
This is a new season to celebrate, too!
2013 by Tim Seeger GmbH
To a young woman who has it all,
Beauty, brains, wit and who can enthrall.
I'm so proud of the woman you have become over these last 30 years,
We shared our measure of laughter, fights and tears.
But through it all, we've arrived at this place as friends who are close.
And today, I want nothing more than to you to toast!
2013 by Tim Seeger GmbH
Happy 30th Birthday a woman who is the best,
I've watched you move up the ladder; you don't get a lot of rest!
Today is your day to relax, and to have a day filled with fun and glee!
Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Wishing you a joyous day, you see!
2013 by Tim Seeger GmbH
You did just turn thirty, but you're not really old You're pretty and witty and frankly quite bold Another year's past And it's happening fast Now you're another year closer to forty.
Today you turn 30; it's a happy day. Remember all the people who love you and who want to say,
This is your day, to remember how smart and beautiful you are,
We wish we could celebrate with you, but we are too far!
Away, away, spend your day away from your job,
This is day of to laugh rather than sob!
You are a star and you shine so brightly,
I'm sending you a hug through this card, so hang on tightly!
2013 by Tim Seeger GmbH
To a young man who is smart and bright, I remember when you born born and how our lives you did light.
You grew up to be so handsome, so accomplished, so strong,
And you have made me the proudest parent, the kind of kid for whom a parent longs.
I hope your day is grand, and you are reminded of my love,
For you and how special you are, I will stand behind you always, even when it's tough.
Have a wonderful day, the best that a big kid can have,
Always remember the love of your Dad.
2013 by Tim Seeger GmbH

Funny birthday poems

You want to express your congratulations on a more funny way?

Let's face it...you're old
Not "senior day at the grocery store" old
But old...
The bright side is there is enough juice left
To dance freely and Be bold
Happy 30th Birthday!!!
2013 by Tim Seeger GmbH
A while ago you walked into my life
All it took was a smile and dance to break into my heart
I wish I could rewind 30 years and be there from the start
But I'll settle for the same dance and smile that won me over in the first place
30 is nothing but a number when you possess such timeless beauty and grace
Happy Birthday
2013 by Tim Seeger GmbH
Remember when you told me my beauty made you breathless?
Well I'd like to think that you imagine me every time you walk up a flight of stairs
Remember when love was blind and reckless?
It's being replaced with spectacles and gray hairs
But even though you're 30 and I see the start of a trend
Like late night romps accompanied with Bengay and Epsom salt
Something still happens when I reach for your hand
Your love still brings my heart to a screeching halt
Happy Birthday
2013 by Tim Seeger GmbH
Chug-a-lug Chug-a-lug
Welcome to the old man's club
Wrinkled fingers, shriveled toes
Walking around naked is more comfortable
Free in your skin...It's good to be 30...
Looking good...man, don't hurt me!
2013 by Tim Seeger GmbH
Now that you've hit it...you've finally reached thirty
Days will seem longer, naps will be fond
you'll forget things easily and hate being wordy
Soccer games and play dates are now the way you bond
When over the hill no longer seems like a metaphor
And "Old head" becomes a curse
Just remember I'm here for richer or poorer
For better and for worse
2013 by Tim Seeger GmbH
So everyone will make cracks and jokes about getting old
BUt in Roman numerals you are XXX
It's your Birthday, Lady
So Act a little crazy
And like the slogan says...
You need to "Have it Your Way"
2013 by Tim Seeger GmbH