30. Geburtstag

30th birthday wishes

Looking for the perfect way to express your wishes for your friend, spouse or relative who has just reached their 30th birthday?

Are you preparing for a loved one's thirtieth birthday? Do you want to fill a card with unique and memorable messages? Do you want your loved one to know that he or she is loved and valued on that special day?

Follow this guide containing six simple birthday messages that are designed for the 30th birthday. You will find creative, sentimental and humorous messages. Pick the message that is right for the birthday boy or girl. Here is how to get started!

Birthday greetings

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Happy Birthday to the best guy around! You are smart and handsome and your feet are always on the ground! Thanks for being you all the time! Happy 30th Birthday! It's your time to shine!
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It's your Birthday! Growing up I watched you jump over ever hurdle, climb over every bump in the road and now you are a wonderful, accomplished adult. I'm proud to be your mom. I wish you all the blessings that heaven holds on your big day! Happy Birthday!
© 2013 Tim Seeger GmbH
It took 30 years to cultivate this kind of awesomeness. 30 years of trial and error to get it right! And with your good genes and a great plastic surgeon you can stay looking 30 for 50 more years to come! So tonight we are going to dance, laugh, and toast the 3 decades that made you, awesomely you!
© 2013 Tim Seeger GmbH
Happy 30th Birthday from all of us! We hope your day is packed full of fun! You are the kind of person who doesn't like a lot of fuss! But we are going to make sure your know you are loved a ton!
© 2013 Tim Seeger GmbH
30 it's the age where you use mascara to cover the 5 gray strands that awkwardly pop up out of your scalp. It's the age where you invest in your first pair of spanks and where you suddenly learn to count calories. So on your 30th, I wish that you embrace every flaw and imperfection. Flaws and imperfections simply tell the story that I am here and I lived!
© 2013 Tim Seeger GmbH
Happy birthday to a guy who is all-around great! It's your 30th birthday, so eat lots of cake! Do all the things that make you happy! We'll end this poem now so it doesn't get too sappy! Happy Birthday, bro!s
© 2013 Tim Seeger GmbH
There are 5 awesome things about turning the big 3-0:
1. You do not get carded at bars and/or movie theaters
2. You actually have money to go out on a Friday night
3. You totally look forward to nap time
4. You can be a cougar and still look amazing
5. You have officially mastered your drinking limit
So, drink, dance and pass out like your life depends on it! You only turn 30 once!!!
© 2013 Tim Seeger GmbH
It’s been 10 years since college days where missed exams because of wicked hangovers! We chased girls until sunrise and took cross country trips with no money. Now your 30, and we laugh at the recklessness of our 20’s. But if we could do it all over again…we would. This time with money! Happy Birthday, bro.
© 2013 Tim Seeger GmbH
Happy 30th Birthday to a wise and beautiful woman! It's days like these when all your friends are summoned! To wish you the best for the rest of the year! We hope your day is full of happiness and cheer!
© 2013 Tim Seeger GmbH
I remember the day you were born. It is hard to believe you are 30 today. But I'm so proud of the woman you have become. Strong, intelligent, dependable, creative. I want nothing but the best for you, my loving daughter, and I wish you the best birthday today! I love you!
© 2013 Tim Seeger GmbH
It does not feel like it was that long ago that you were learning to walk, talk and ride a bike. When I look at you, I still see that little girl. You were confident, curious and always on the go. And that vision of you is still true. I love you for who you were then and for who you are now. Happy 30th Birthday!
© 2013 Tim Seeger GmbH
30 is a milestone! You made it through the drunken 20's and have traded in your heels for flats. You’ve started quoting your parents and cutting coupons! Welcome to the world of adulthood!
© 2013 Tim Seeger GmbH
Turning 30 is a turning point, a move from the crazy years of the 20s when you are still figuring out who you are to the confident years of the 30s. These are some of the best years of your life, so cherish them now. So much stands before you, and I am proud of the person who is stepping into this new phase of life. Happy Birthday!
© 2013 Tim Seeger GmbH
Happy Birthday to you, Birthday Girl, from all of us at the office here! We wish you a day of joy and lots of cheer! Today is your day, so make it your way! We love you for who you are, whether we are near or far!
© 2013 Tim Seeger GmbH
It's your 30th year, and it's finally time to celebrate! We made you this card and poem for you because a cake we can't bake! We wish we were there on your very special day, but we are channeling to you lots of "Hooray's!
© 2013 Tim Seeger GmbH
To the birthday girl on her thirtieth year: You are a jewel and such a dear! I wish you a day of fun and celebration! And lots of good toasts filled with elation!
© 2013 Tim Seeger GmbH
Happy, happy birthday to a son who is so rad! Your 30th birthday came around so quickly! I still remember you as a wee lad! I love you son, more than you could ever know. And I hope your 30th year is filled with happiness, cheer, fun, and days without woe! Happy 30th Birthday!
© 2013 Tim Seeger GmbH

Birthday phrases

Congratulations on surviving the first third of your life!
Happy 29th birthday anniversary!
Happy 30th birthday! Make it count!
You may be thirty, but you're still purity!
Another year older and wiser!
Wishing you the best thirtieth birthday in history!
Have an awesome birthday!
They say that everything you know, you learn after you're thirty. Here's to getting your real education!
I don't know why everyone makes a big deal out of turning thirty. I mean, you're only halfway between twenty and forty.
Happy thirtieth birthday! What will you do with your next thirty years?
Happy thirtieth birthday to the one who has always been there for me.
So it's your birthday. That reminds me of a joke about old people.
I hope you're surrounded by people and things you love on your special day.