30. Geburtstag

30th birthday gifts for women

Her thirtieth birthday is probably a touchy subject, so getting away with making her feel old depends on what your relationship is with her. If you're the sister, parent, friend or brother, you can probably get away with some playful ribbing. If you're the boyfriend, spouse or partner, it may be wise to be a little more tactful about her age, depending on how okay she is with you teasing her about her age. Regardless, there are plenty of options for 30th birthday gifts.

Selecting a specific gift really depends on what you know about her. You could hunt down a copy of her favorite book from her childhood. Popular movies from the year she was born or her favorites growing up are another great option. Personalizing a tote bag with 30th birthday quotes, her name or just a quote that describes her is another good choice.

Gift ideas for women